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Conduct an analysis of one classroom in the building. You will be examining the daily schedule to determine if it accurately represents your understanding of how children learn. You will also provide an analysis on how the dispositions of learning are fostered in the classroom. After conducting this analysis, you will view a PPT slide that lists the dispositions of learning within the Cycle of Learning. You will write up your analysis
Prior to beginning your analysis and included in your write up will be your response to the following questions.

How do children learn?

What do children like to do?

What are the hardest times of the classroom’s day?

What do children not like to do?

What skills do children need before they go to Kindergarten?

After you have responded to these questions, you will then take an existing classroom schedule or write up one that you have used in the past. Copy the schedule into your assignment. Download the Daily Schedule Analysis handout template, provided below to analyze the daily schedule. Copy and paste your response into the assignment.

Next you will download and view the Learning Cycle and Dispositions of Learning PPT slide provided below. Ask yourself the following:

What opportunities are present in the classrooms daily schedule that foster the Learning Cycle, understanding that the learning cycle must be completed from the first disposition to the last disposition for in depth learning to occur. Finally, reflect on your findings. What elements will you keep and what elements will you change?