Campaign Report

Assignment Requirements


I need a 1000 word report based on a campaign that my group developed. I will upload what’s the campaign is about. So my part of the report is talking about the SMART objective, the aim and the channel that is chosen to disseminate the message. So probably just write 400, 300, and 300 words for each part. Please READ through my uploads. I will upload reading about channel. So for the channel part not only talk about channel that we use but also talk why the channel is chosen (e.g. Facebook: because in india they have the 3rd largest Facebook user) and also how using different channel might raise awareness more as it would have the ability to reach a wider target audience. Information statistic about the Facebook one can be found in the ppt reference. Don’t forget to use in-text citation and out of text reference. Don’t use personal pronoun such as I. you, they, we
I’m sorry to rush you but please I need this done by 6 hours
to help you in explaining each part: For the Aim, you don’t need to talk about the target audience and the time frame, because those part will be explained in different section and different person (not my part). For the SMART Objective, in the Relevant part what I mean is that “India is a growing economy and developing country so by only using 3% of women within the management level it means that they’re neglecting their other resources which could prevent them to develop as a country, while other countries have more equal workplace”. In the Measurable part the 10% increase of women in management is hoped to achieved within the one year period of campaign. In the Time Bound part, what I mean by achieving support in six month is that in our campaign people who registered with our website will get a tshirt, so what I mean by support, in six month there are a lot of indian men and women who will wear our tshirt as a sign of support (you don’t need to explain about the website and tshirt program, just say about people showing their support by wearing the tshirt, because the website tshirt program will be explained in my friends part in details). For the Channels, Facebook is chosen because India is the 3rd largest Facebook user in the world, you can find the statistic in the reference (the neirhoff one). If you’re gonna quote about the 3% women in management don’t forget to do in-text citation. the 3% statistic is from the “” reference.


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