Case Study

Assignment Requirements


INSTRUCTIONS: Contained in this second part of the CASE STUDY for BADM 620 is your assignment to prepare a Pro Forma Income Statement and Balance Sheet for Blue Ridge Industries for the year 2014 and its estimated 2014 stock price.

FILE FORMAT: This assignment MUST be submitted in Excel spreadsheet format (.xls or .xlsx file extensions only). The course syllabus clearly states that three things are required for this course: Textbook, Connect Plus, and Microsoft Excel.

CALCULATIONS: All calculations requested in this Case Study spreadsheet must be in cell reference format (e.g., = C32*G54). Any number values included in your calculation cells or formulas will be counted incorrect (e.g., = 150215*G54). However, you are allowed to enter number values into the cells for the BETTER RATIO VALUES in Step #1.



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