Collaborative Report: Point of Sales




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The manager of a regional restaurant in CA wants to have the sales equipment ( registers, handhelds, etc ) updated from the old carbon-copy diner ticket system. This system change is in coordination with an image and branding overhaul the manager initiated last year. The image and branding overhaul is to position the company to move from a less rural countryside, family-friendly atmosphere to a more urban and contemporary family-friendly restaurant.


Each member of the team represents a manager at a different location and wishes to streamline the sales process at each location to facilitate more efficient ordering, more accurate representation of menu item, and systems that promote flexible pricing.



Research electronic point of sales systems to modernize the restaurant. Consider  that the business does trade across state lines and so the system must be capable of accounting, if necessary, any differences in state point of sales system requirements.


Develop a report of approximately 1.5 double spaced pages, including headings and subheadings. The report should include analysis of V systems and its cost. Also, estimate how long it will take to implement the one you think is best. The report should include at least 1 graphic.