Depression – Outline and Annotated Bibliography

Assignment Requirements


Case Study #1 Clinical Psychology: Severe Depression
Joe is suffering from severe depression. His father, grandmother, and two uncles suffered with the same abnormal condition. One of Joe’s uncles committed suicide as a result. Joe’s depression started after he was laid off from work, and became disabling when his wife divorced him taking their kids and their home.

Note: This assignment includes an outline and annotated bibliography

Review the ABS200 Outline and Annotated Bibliography Template (Attachment), which contains the layout for this assignment. Your outline must be one to two pages in length. Clearly identify the case study selected (see above), and include major headings for the areas to be considered. Under each major heading, summarize your point about that heading. Be sure to addresses each of the following components:

Clearly define applied behavioral science and the area of psychology from which the case study is explored.
Identify the potential source(s) and/or cause(s) of the issue that is/are relevant to the selected case study (genetic, environmental, social, cultural, organizational, etc.).
Examine the case study by applying one psychological theory of your choice.
Describe scientific research that is relevant to your selected case study. Include past and current findings and note any key changes.
Identify any relevant trends in working with your intended population.
Detail a suggested plan of action for moving forward and include the advantages and disadvantages of…
Specify what you would do to build rapport with the clients in the selected case study.
State ethical considerations relevant to this case.

Subheadings should briefly summarize research that may both support and disagree with each viewpoint, if applicable.

In addition to your outline, submit a one- to two- page annotated bibliography of the scholarly sources you plan to utilize for your Final Paper. Each source must include the complete APA-formatted citation as well as a summary paragraph. The summary paragraph should contain four to five well-developed sentences in your own words (do not use the abstract included with journal articles) that summarizes the source and describes its applicability to your selected topic. You are required to use a minimum of six scholarly sources that are cited according to APA style.


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