finish a total addressable market model and revenue model

finish a tam model, an example is provided. THIS IS THE EXAMPLE Revenue Model: The buyer for our software product is the Head of Sales (or Sales Ops) of companies that are responding to at least 1-2 RFPs per week. Our average customer is $10k in recurring revenue per year and $12k of total revenue per year. Our total revenue last year can be broken out into three revenue models as follows: 60% of total revenue is SaaS subscription revenue model (per user per month); majority are 12-month contracts and we receive cash up front; revenue is recognized by month and the rest is booked as deferred revenue; 75% gross margins and 95%+ net revenue retention. 20% of total revenue is professional services; customers pay for implementation services; cash is received, and revenue is recognized on a percentage of completion basis; 20% gross margins. 20% of total revenue is Hardware (patented) and related equipment. Customers are billed when shipped. 30% gross margin and some recurring nature due to maintenance of the hardware. Total Addressable Market (TAM): We estimate our TAM in the U.S. as $300 to $400 million per year as follows: Low High Potential customers 30,000 40,000 Ave. revenue/customer/year $10,000 $10,000 U.S TAM per year ($ millions) $300 $400 Our estimated range of potential customers was based on XX [include reference or link to article, book, what you are referencing]. be free to edit the revenue mode