FINPLN3282 Final Project

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at a minimum, five ways she can either increase income and/or or decrease expenses. Be specific and realistic with ways you can increase income and/or decrease expenses.

Every recommendation needs to have a dollar amount attached to it, and a screenshot in the appendix to back up the dollar amount.
Your report must have both Susan%u0432%u0402%u2122s current budget and a revised budget with your recommended changes.

***All major issues and goals must be addressed specifically %u0432%u0402%u201C not in general terms.
For example, issue of being one month behind on her student loan 1). Address exactly why this is a problem 2). Some specific recommendations for fixing that issue. ***If you recommend a different payment plan you must include a print-out in an appendix.
***Be cautious of projecting your values on the client.
For example, if the client feels that college funding for her children is important, you should do you best to work that into the budget, even if you feel that students should pay for their own schooling.


One-page summary at the beginning — an executive summary is a brief overview of the report.

Your goal should be to consolidate the principal points of the entire case study, and NOT just to give an overview of Susan%u0432%u0402%u2122s current situation.

The appendix should NOT contain any applications. Summary screenshots are sufficient, with website links within the report itself.

A works-cited page will contain a numbered list where you reference websites and books (including Surviving Debt), with notations in the document on the information the reference relates to.

Your written report needs 5 pages, not including the works cited page and appendix.

Detail is VERY important. I recommend you break up and format your report as follows:

Cover page
Executive summary
Client information page, including current budget with graphical representation.
Recommendations to increase income
Recommendations to decrease expenses
Major issues addressed one at a time
Goals addressed one at a time
Revised budget(s)
Works cited
Appendix with printouts