Grant proposal

Assignment Requirements


For this first week, you will come up with a mock Grant Proposal to try to prevent delinquent, and hopefully later, criminal behavior. No citations are needed!!!

•You have been given 125 million dollars
•Pick one area of intervention (empathy training, anger management, etc.) (1-2 sentences)
•What age will you target for your intervention? (1-2 sentences)
•How long will it last? (1-2 sentences)
•Who will be enrolled? (1-2 sentences)
•How are they recruited? (1-2 sentences)
•What is measured? (3-6 sentences)
•What is the intervention? (3-6 sentences)
•Who will administer/appl? (1-2 sentences)
•What is your outcome measure (meaning how will you know it’s working)? (3-6 sentences)


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