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Referring to both Chapter 3 in your text, create a visual indicating the relationship between ebooks and print text books for college students.

Use at least one reference for your data. This is a realistic research exercise in creating visuals to present a particular value and relationship, as well as analyze a comparison. Realize you will be extrapolating data from a research source and developing your own graphic. Do not copy a graphic element already created. I want to encourage you to create your own visual representation of a specific relationship.

You should select one of 6 illustrations, making sure you are presenting relational data in accordance with the appropriate graphic element.

Table, Illustration & pull quote; Bar chart; Illustration of Pictograph; Line chart; Pie chart

Textable items from this chapter include being able to indicate the purpose of conveying information in tables, graphs (bar graphs), charts (flow, organizational, gantt, circle); illustrations(drawings, diagrams, photos).