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1. 450- 550 words (at least almostly 2 page is fine)
2. 3-4 outside sources or textbook please cited it!! (using my textbook is better)
3. MLA format
4. Focus on own ideas more than summary (one little paragraph for description is fine)
5. Focus on evidence of intellectual engagement with the problems and ideas raised by the texts.
6. With an argument supported by specific examples and evidence from the text.
7. Answer the question by paragraph, you can combine all question together or separate.

1. Tillman, “Proto-Nationalism in Twelfth-Century China?”

2. Kang-i Sun Chang, The Late-Ming Poet Ch’en Tzu-lung: Crises of Love and Loyalism
3. Wakeman, “San-yuan-li: The Politics of Patriotism”

Questions to consider:
Do you buy Tillman’s argument that an early form of nationalism first emerged in China in the twelfth century? What is at stake when asking such a question? In what ways was Ming loyalism similar to / different from modern patriotism? What do you make of the Wakeman reading?