Intellectual Capital Quantitative Approach

Assignment Requirements


I will upload the guideline.
For this task you need to be advance in quantitative research method.
I want the data collection to be from Saudi Arabia like a cross culture.
I want a proposal about intellectual capital, intangible asset, emotional asset, financial accounting.
Things that interest me are financial accounting, intellectual capital, corporate governance , disclosure and Saudi Arabia.
I want you to prepare a clear proposal which include but not limited to:
Research topic, (research problems, Questions, Aims and objectives), methodology, method and motivation.
Use only academic journals for this task .
This task is assignment but I also want to submit it for a PhD program.
I want you to prepare a proposal that will make me accepted by professor Indra Abeysekera . This is his website.

I do not have an exact topic in my mind at the moment. So, I want you to think about professor Indra Abeysekera interest and publication to come with a good proposal.


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