Knowledge Management Questions

Assignment Requirements


1. Review Figure 1.1 “Conceptual Progression from Data to Knowledge” on page 2 of Chapter 1, Provide a real-world example from your own life (personal or professional) linking data to information to knowledge. Is the knowledge that resulted more tacit or explicit? Explain.

2. Refer to Figure 1.3 “Primary Repositories of an Organization’s Knowledge” on page 9 of Chapter 1. What do you think about the fact that 42% is stored in an employee’s brain? What does that tell you? Use the two YouTube videos shown under Week 1 in the Course Schedule (‘Why should you be interested in KM today’ and ‘KM using Mind Maps’) to help you answer this question.

Learning Activity #2
1. Refer to Box 3.3, “First and second generation knowledge management” on page 8 of Chapter 3, Using an organization with which you are familiar (it can be within your current position or a past job), comment on whether the organization is engaging in “first generation KM” or “second generation KM”. Provide examples and defend your comments.
2. Based on Chapter 3 and your readings and activities for Week 1, what do you think about the statement, “Knowledge management is not anything new”. Would you assert that this statement is largely true or false? Use historical antecedents to justify your assertions.


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