making meetings effective

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Making Meetings Effective

Read: Brody (2014) Chapter 9 “Making Meetings Effective”.

Note: Since meetings cannot necessarily be scheduled to fit the class timeline, you may need to do this assignment “out of order” when you have a meeting to attend. This is a participant-observation assignment.

  1. Lead (or attend) a meeting of your target organization.
  2. Describe the meeting in enough detail so I can understand why it was held, your role, what happened, how it fits into the organization, and the next steps needed.
  3. Answer the following questions regarding how the leader managed the meeting:
  • Was there a clear agenda?
  • Were there clear ground rules? How were these ground rules expressed?
  • Was there conflict? How was it handled?
  • Did the leader summarize the discussion?
  • What decisions were made? How did the group know when a decision had been made?  For instance, did the group use some form of parliamentary procedure or did it come to consensus? If it used consensus, who stated the group consensus?
  • Was there a plan for follow-up?  Do you think the plan will be followed–why or why not?

4. What could have been done to improve the meeting