Neurocognitive Impairments in Boys on the Life-Course Persistent Antisocial Path -Research paper

Question #1 asks what led me to chose the article. It was my interest in all the shootings that have happened over the years by young individuals. Majority of them seem to come from good homes but are antisocial and are boys, so I wanted to read about studies in antisocial behaviour. That is how I came to this article.
Thanks so much!

*For Abnormal Psychology*

Read the article carefully, so that you can describe the procedure and outcome effectively in your summary.
Use the following format to structure your summaries. Do not simply provide quotations from the article; use your own words when possible.

Format for research summaries from the professional literature

Include headings 1-4 (below) in your paper.
1. Question of interest: State the question you are researching. It should be clear how your question led you to the article you chose to summarize.

2. Title, authors, source: Give the complete citation in correct APA format. Include the
complete web address if the article was acquired online (I may visit that site as I grade your abstract).

3. Purpose: Describe the purpose of the research. Why did the authors conduct the study?

4. Research summary: Describe the procedures and main findings of the research. Identify important characteristics of the subject groups used in the study (e.g., age, gender, diagnosis). Describe the measures and methods used in the research, the study’s outcome, and the conclusions drawn by the authors. Try to limit your summary to one page, but give enough information to make the purpose, procedures, and outcomes clear. Do not simply copy the author’s abstract or passages from the text into your papers. Plagiarism (presenting another’s ideas or words as your own) is unacceptable: use your own words to describe the research.

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