Participant section looks good.

Please fix the things below as well as add discussion and abstract to paper.

Participant section looks good. Include the age range here. Think about adding a material section. Procedures look good.

You do not need to include the raw data in your paper. It is typically in an appendix if included at all. However, you are welcome to leave it in since you already included it.

Good start to your results. In addition to the charts, write out your results. You can keep it to 2 decimal places. How did you decide to use an ANOVA? Why not 3 unpaired t tests, one for each task comparing males and females? Isn’t your hypothesis looking at gender differences? It seems like your results focus on differences between tasks?

You have a lot in here. Make sure that every point that you include is important for your hypothesis.

Good start on the discussion. Elaborate on why your results are important. In