Project Management

Assignment Requirements


This assignment need write a reflective report.
you must combine the knowledge of project management to write project management.
i will upload 5 documents.
Project management require is requirement.
reflective wriitng from UNSW(1) is how to write reflective report.
Other three, if you choose topic environmental pollution or natural disasters you can refer these 3 doc.
if you have any question, plz let me know.thx

Master of Project management


Learn outcomes



The aim of this assessment task is to get students to appreciate the key lessons from the unit and their application in other situations, specific. This assessment aims to assess learning outcomes 1-6.


This is an individual report. You are required to think back over the course, including the course material discussed and reviewed in class, cases, exercises, simulations, and other activities, and identify the most valuable lessons learned. You should be able to connect to specific lessons, noting where they occurred in the course. Remember that your experience includes work experience, case studies in this unit or in other units, situations in social or sporting settings, stories you have heard from family or friends, articles in newspapers or something you have seen on television.

You should use these lessons to consider a specific type of situation that will be described during the course, such as a natural disaster, organisational crisis or challenge, or a nation or global priority.

Set it out clearly, so you can browse through it later and remember the key lessons from the course. A report format, similar to Assessment 3, with headings, sub-headings, tables, and “bulleted” lists is recommended.


i Note: To do this well you will need to take thorough notes during the class discussions of the cases, simulations and videos. It also helps to make brief notes immediately after the class, recording any ideas or connections resulting from the class. File these notes and refer to them when you are writing your reflective report.

i Note: This assessment should be clearly and neatly set out in good English. For help in writing, students are advised to visit the Purdue University Online Writing Lab ( Note that there is s section especially designed to help students who speak English as a second language. All sources must be referenced. See the Harvard referencing guide available from the UWS Library website.


Marking criteria and standards



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