Assignment Requirements




Guidance To Data Analysis Assessment.

The data you will be analysing was gathered at a local organisation whose sole intention is to re-engineer the Business Take On (BTO) and client billing process. Often the organisation has found itself in the unpleasant situation where clients have been under-billed and/or incorrectly billed. The datasets have been produced from interview process and they were undertaken with different key personnel that represent the different sub-units in the client organisation. As a result, the datasets will demonstrate the different perspectives of the client engagement process as well as how the organisation creates value for the customer. The key task of this assessment is to condense the various datasets into one story of how business is done in the client organisation. Your analysis may (or may not) produce a process map. Nevertheless, you MUST use the datasets to produce a coherent story of how activities are conducted in the organisation.

Please do NOT produce a report with summaries of each of the datasets  

Your report should be uncomplicated and straight-to-the-point. Simply have 3 key sections: Introduction, Key Findings, and Conclusion. Remember you only have 1000 words to tell the story of six datasets; do not rumble! The report will carry 60% of the marks.

Your Appendix

The appendix is a demonstration of the analysis you have done. Please show as much detail of your analysis as possible so that one can trace the methods and techniques you have applied in order to arrive at your story. Remember that NOTHING is irrelevant. The appendix will carry 40% of the total marks.



Highlights the main keywords in the data sets also with different colours or whatever. Show all your work in appendices.


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