Research methods

Fitness is something that needs to be integrated into our American way of life. We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic and many Americans are effected. Research the advantages and disadvantages of integrating more physical activity in the classroom (or work force). How would this effect the person, healthcare, schooling (work) and social impact in the United States.

Write a minimum 5-7 page paper in which you synthesize your learning in this class through integration of the topics covered into a scholarly work (Creswell and journals). You must demonstrate knowledge of several research methodologies and explain how to choose the appropriate research method for this research project.

Your paper should be clear, engaging, original, and focused. The ideas and content must be richly developed with details and examples. The organization and form should enhance the central idea and theme. The ideas should be presented coherently to move the reader through the text. The voice should be compelling and convey the meaning through effective sentence structure and precise word choices. You must move the paper through academic constructs and experiential documentation to critical analysis. The paper must demonstrate a clear balance of these three components. You must support your arguments and assumptions with at least 5 scholarly references (e.g., academic journal publications). You must use correct APA style and format for your paper.