Statistics Homework

Assignment Requirements


Please complete the homework attached

Dubai Automation Group is building a simple robot, working with teenagers from different schools in Dubai. They want to determine the average time it takes for an average teenager to build the simplest basic robot.

A sample of 49 teenagers was taken and it yielded an average time of 19.92 minutes, with a sample standard deviation of 5.73 minutes.

Assuming that the time taken to build this robot follows a normal distribution, Dubai Automation Group wanted to estimate the population mean of the average time taken by all teenagers in Dubai to build this same robot.

So, they calculated a 95% confidence interval and a 99% confidence interval for the mean assembly time.

What answers did they get and why is there a difference between the two answers above?

Why did Dubai Automation Group not choose the sample mean of 19.92 minutes as the population mean?


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