Strategic Planning Tools

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You have been tasked with performing a strategy formulation for the long-term care facility where you work. Because you have never made a strategic plan before, you decide you will need to do some research before proceeding.



Select the long-term care facility of your choice from any currently operational U.S. long-term care facility, and research the strategic plan it has in place.

  • Provide a brief overview of the composition of its strategic plan.
  • In addition, pay particular attention to the mechanisms it has in place for evaluating and selecting strategic alternatives.
  • If none are readily visible, analyze the strategies in an effort to make educated assumptions on what tools might have been used, or what you feel should have been used (i.e., needs assessments, demand analyses, etc.).
  • Explain which strategies were/are used, and the reasons for the use of such tools.
  • In addition, do not forget to use citations and references throughout your paper.

Must be in APA format and use at least one scholarly reference. 3 to 4 pages in detail do not be vague