The Affordable Care Act – ACA

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o Impact of ACA on Small Business 1 page Min. o What are the Health Insurance Exchange 1 page Min. o Impact on Medicaid and Medicare 1 page Min. o ACA Pros and Cons 1 page Min. o Conclusion: Is the ACA good for the USA? 1 page Min. o What would you change about ACA? 1 page Min. o References and Bibliography 1 page Min. o Document type: o Section Titles: Word Document (No other types of files will be accepted) Clearly Mark the Title of each Section (Start a new Page) o Cover Page: Provide Name,(******) CFID # (560913) and Title of the Project – ONLY! o Margins: 1 inch margins all around o Font & Font Size: Times New Roman or Arial – 12 Pt. o Spacing: 1.0 (Single Spaced)