Tools for Environmental Management

Assignment Requirements


This is an open book assessment task. You have several days to complete the following task. It will be posted in Moodle on Tuesday 27 May and will be due by email Tuesday 10 June at 11:59pm. Late submissions are not acceptable unless you have a medical certificate – you will lose up to 10% for every day late.

For the exam, you are required to answer TWO essays. Read each question carefully and choose two questions from the list provided on the next two pages.

The word limit is 1200 words per essay, plus references. I will strictly enforce this. Please note on the front page of your submission the number of words used for each essay. You may use tables, figures/diagrams.

Include both your NAME and your student number at the start of the submitted essay document – I will penalize those that make me chase through spreadsheets and emails for personal details. Please add a statement that the essay is entirely your own work.

Answer each essay question with a title such that the topic chosen is clearly indicated. Each essay is worth 20 marks.

You must cite the sources/references that you use and include a reference list (not a bibliography). In-text (Harvard or APA) referencing is preferred. Avoid footnotes.

Failure to comply with these instructions may result in lost marks.

You should answer TWO essay questions as per the above instructions.

Question 2. Outline and discuss the main stages involved in conducting a life-cycle assessment (LCA). In your answer, also indicate the different contexts in which LCA may or may not be useful for environmental decision-makers. Provide examples.

Question 6. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative, semi-quantitative, and quantitative risk assessment using examples. What role does risk assessment play in environmental decision-making tools such as environmental impact assessment (EIA), and environmental management systems (EMS)?


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