PROBLEMS # 2, #4 & #6:    Basic definitions and reasons for using this test.

PROBLEM # 10:  See if you can apply this analysis.

PROBLEM #17:  This has all the calculations involved.  Can you find the critical F-value from the Table?  The p-value can also be approximated from that Table.  (Find an F-Table that you like on line)

The Table asked for has these headings:   SOURCE (with these categories down the side:  age, time, age x time, error and total), then continuing across the top:  df, SSQ,  MS, F and P.  Go ahead and fill it in.


PROBLEMS #1 through 8 (count as ONE problem):  This is all about knowing the why and when about this test.

PROBLEMS #9 through 15 (count as ONE problem):  This involves working a basic F-test problem.  Can you find the critical F-value and compare the test statistic to it to see if we accept or reject (you pick an alpha).  You also can approximate the p-value from the table (find table on web if necessary).