Narrative Essay Writing

Narrative essay writing

A narrative essay is a story written about a personal experience.Unlike a Report narrative, a narrative essay gives the writer the freedom to select the content he/she wishes to write about.The content is written in the entire paper all lead to one main idea.The story is given in chronological order since it describes the past or future events presented on the writer’s perspective.However, all academic writing should be given utmost importance because they are all graded,meaning they have an effect on your academic performance.

Features of a narrative essay

• Organization-Proper organization is the key to any successful piece of writing. The points should be organized in a manner that will make sense to the readers.
• Chronology-The events described in a narrative essay should follow a sequence of events.Flashback and flash forward may be used
• Tell a story and make a point-As much as narrative essays involve storytelling, the story should also have a sensible logic behind it
• Emotions and Senses matter-The emotions and personal feelings described in a narrative determine how the reader digests the information relayed
• Based on personal experience-All the events portrayed in a narrative essay are based on personal encounters of the writer or even a third party
• Vivid descriptions-The use of vivid description helps the reader to embrace the feeling that a writer is trying to arouse be it shock, dismay, joy, etc..
• The Clear point of view-All the ideas presented in a narrative essay should converge should be presented from a clear perspective.
• Dialogue-As in most stories, one may apply dialogue in his/her writing to give his narrative some life
• All the convents of a narrative are applied i.e. the introduction, character, setting, climax and an ending.
• Purpose-All narrative essays must have an intended purpose. Relevance should be evident in any piece of writing.

Writing the narrative essay

When writing the narrative essay, all the figures of speech need to be considered. Narrating a personal experience should not be so hard. It just entails a sober mind and adequate prior preparation. The correct use of grammar is also emphasized in these types of writing. All the sentences constructed should make sense for the reader to comprehend with ease.
Remember, the point of the essay/narrative is to make a point.Do not get too much into the storytelling until you forget the purpose of the whole essay. All narratives have a message to pass across.