2016 Presidential Primary Campaign Issues


Select two current presidential candidates from any party (they can be from the same party) with contrasting positions on one significant campaign issue that you personally care about.
Visit the candidates’ campaign websites and provide a detailed description of each of their respective, substantial positions on the issue, paying particular attention to similarities and differences. Write a comparative analysis of the two candidates’ positions in your own words. If you quote or paraphrase material, cite the source properly in MLA, 7th ed. format for in text citation (no cutting and pasting!).
Locate additional commentary on the issue from one nonpartisan media source to bring in a voice from outside the official campaigns.
In your conclusion, discuss which candidate’s position you favor more and state explicit reasons for your opinion.
Places to start: On The Issues (Links to an external site.), Real Clear Politics (Links to an external site.), League of Women Voters (Links to an external site.), Union of Concerned Scientists (Links to an external site.)

Paper Length: 600 words (about 2 pages), not including your Works Cited page

Format: typed, double-spaced, size 12 font, stapled, no cover sheet, separate Works Cited page in MLA, 7th ed. style, typed with word count printed at end of essay.