3000 words 7day media

Assignment Requirements


3000 words 7day media

Subject communicationculture and media


Artefact and supporting portfolio including critical/ reflective evaluation (3,000-words)


You must produce a practical project (dissertation equivalent) which showcases your skills. You need not come up with a new project but should work to improve the project you have completed.


The project will be decided in consultation with a supervisor, but may include projects in any appropriate medium. You may undertake an individual or a group project. If you choose the latter, you must be able to demonstrate your individual contribution within the group and ensure that you produce an appropriate amount of work.


Once your proposal has been approved by your supervisor you will be asked to sign an assessment agreement detailing any individual arrangements for your project. This may also be used to specify the contribution of individuals in group projects. Please include this agreement in your appendices.


Your practical project should also be accompanied by a 3,000-word reflective essay, analysing and reflecting on how your artefact fits in with the overall media framework. You should also reference pertinent industry sources and academic texts which will inform your work.


In addition you should draw up a CV and an action plan which you will have revised in light of your progress in your final project. This should detail how you intend to use your project to further your employment prospects on graduating. Please include this in your appendices.



Your work will be assessed against the following learning outcomes:


Develop a project proposal and plan appropriate to both the content and style of the intended project

  • What are you intending to produce and why?
  • What will you include in order to make it work as a practical product?


Demonstrate research skills through conducting appropriate and relevant research into the viability, form and content of the intended project;

  • Show that you know what is out there already
  • How will you be different?
  • Why is it important that you challenge the status quo (theoretically, commercially, ethically, practically)?
  • Draw on valid academic and industry sources to reinforce your position


Demonstrate a critical analysis of both their own work and that of others by defining their own position clearly, with respect to the existing body of knowledge and community of practice;

  • Demonstrate research into the theoretical concepts which inform you work
  • Reference appropriate theoretical sources using accepted academic formats
  • Demonstrate research into the industry context of your work and its community of practice
  • Reference appropriate industry sources


Present their preparation, research and final work in an appropriate and professional manner;

  • Present your final project in an industry-standard format
  • Ensure your critical analysis meets accepted academic standards (for instance by using Harvard Referencing properly)
  • Make reference to how you might use it in an industry context, for instance as part of a portfolio
  • Include all appendices in an appropriate format


Manage a project from inception to completion, evaluating progress and amending the project accordingly;

  • Demonstrate a planning process
  • Meet regularly with your supervisor and keep appropriate records of those meetings
  • Critically reflect on this process in your final analysis


Create a professional, high quality artefact;

  • Your work should be of a professional standard – could it be published/broadcast/screened as it is?


Provide evidence of reflection, interpretation, critical anaylsis and self-management.

  • Why are you intending to do this?
  • How does your project relate to your personal goals/academic progress/community of practice?
  • How do you intend to carry out your project and what areas may you need to address?

Please obey the standard referencing and style rules and guidelines as specified by the university. Full details are available on line at http://home.ched.coventry.ac.uk/caw/harvard/index.htm


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