305 ass5

Assignment Requirements


Please base on the order#81136849 that you had done and edit that essay. The revised request follow that:
I’ve reverted this assignment to draft. Please see attached response file for some comments. Overall, this assignment ought to reflect some of the counselling strategies addressed in this course, and in its current state your submission does not do that. In fact, the way that you lead the discussion and give advice and tell the client what to do and how to feel directly contradicts some of the counselling skills suggested throughout this course. Further, this assignment requires written reflection on what you did, why you did it, and what you could have done differently, and I saw no evidence of that in the transcript. Please try again. I would recommend you allow the client to lead the session, address the issue of safety with your client, and avoid giving advice or tellling the client what to do/think/feel.


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