5.4PVP: milk riding experience Rated Battlegrounds 3000 level

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from 3600 fielder hit rating milk riding PVP players sharing experiences, including milk riding in rated battlegrounds in treatment techniques and attributes recommendation like PVP milk riding friends may wish to look at. Hello everyone I am the Light NQ Judge wing death zone 1 on the 3500 grade rating last season, at the end of last season due to go abroad to play for two weeks before he came back last season, this season, 3000. A: talent, gem FM Wisdom experience can be found attached to the only controversial is because of their bold and milk stations currently riding as often set fire to each other, I have to give up talent merciful, long-term use undefeated. Two: How to Brush a high Deadman Gold therapeutic dose magnitude and prism cards CD should use prism threw the other goals. Goal to read the article put on track mark (using Glyph of Beacon), the skill bar prolapse Holy Light, Divine Light accelerated only when the trigger use. Therefore, the brush is essentially the rhythm of blood magnitude – in other Beacon flash – eternal fire. NQ key battleground in rating brush high therapeutic amount is more than the eternal fire maintained. Personally I think that the basic approach should be output limit treatment wings, grace, uncle and then turn open Magnitude – flash – just flash a goal to eternal fire, prism good to throw and then cut the target circle. Glyph is because flash is flash targets under a therapeutic dose increase. Eternal fire spread probably about five or six groups of blood if there is gap began to brush the flashlight, the other Light shines also be based stations used selectively, although not many opportunities. However, the ability to brush out of high therapeutic amount of a good rating just as basic treatment capacity, many as an excellent treatment in PJ to be done in there.