6B dis8

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History 6B
1. 1-2 page reflection paper
2. 2-3 sources textbook please cited it!!
3. create one question on the end of paper (no need to ask)
4. No summary (one little paragraph for description is fine)
5. Focus on evidence of intellectual engagement with the problems and ideas raised by the texts.
6. With an argument supported by specific examples and evidence from the text.
7. I attach the guideline for you, there are many questions for you, you can pick up 2 to concentrate explaining or feel free to express your idea and though about those two readings. But don%u0432%u0402%u2122t forget to create one question about the reading, no need to answer, when you finish the paper, just add one question at the end of the paper.
8. If you use outside sources, please cited it and copy the URL.
Reading this book:

Yang Jiang, Six Chapters from My Life Downunder, translated by Howard Goldblatt (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1987)