Assignment Requirements


Pleaae answer the questions in doc. Do not write any thing general such as about taxation in whole. The taxation most be specific to Qatar and all answers must be specific

ou have to write an essay about Qatari tax law by answering the questions below you have to look *whether Qatar (companies) pay taxes? and if it yes, when it was issued?who should pay the taxes?(Qatari owners or non Qatari owners) *are Qatar companies required to pay taxes? *how the Qatar companies report the taxes? *who they did pay the taxes to? *how they calculate the taxes? is it based in the revenues? is it based on the income? is it based on the net profit? *who collect the taxes?(is there a tax form that they have to fill in?),(do they have to register any where?) *what if they don’t pay the taxes?(do they go to jail?) *what is tax law in Qatar?


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