Accounting System 204

Assignment Requirements


The assignment must be on one of the accounting big fours. whether delloite or kpmg or ernst and young or pwc






  1. The Assignment criteria have been made available in Blackboard under the Unit Resources tab in the Assignment folder.



  1. The assignment that you are submitting will be marked in accordance to the rubrics criteria that is available in Blackboard. The criteria used are in line with the requirements of the Assignment pack. For example, the criterion of Database, files and fields requires you to use any relational database management system (RDBMS) to construct database, files and fields. Failure to use RDBMS will result in the tutor marking your assignment consider the “Very Poor Effort: 0-20” column. Marks up to 8 will also depend on the other criteria stated in that cell. This is an example where the use of a RDBMS is very important in meeting the unit’s objective.


  1. All students are required to submit their assignments via Turnitin. A Turnitin assessment with the title “Assignment ” has been created under the Assessments folder.


Please follow the steps indicated in Turnitin when you submit your Assignment. The following are instructions that you need to comply with:

  1. Select “Single file upload”.
  2.      Submission Title should be “Assignment”
  3. The MS Word file submitted should be named as “Tutor’s Name_Student ID_Student Name”. For example, “Vincent_12345678_JoeBlogg”.
  4. Please DO NOT submit any later than 5pm on 23rd May 2014 in which case marks equivalent to 10% to the total allocated for the assignment will be deducted from the marked value for every day that the assignment is late.


  1. Please DO NOT include the assignment question in your MS Word file that will be submitted via Turnitin. Only the answers to the assignment question should be included in the MS Word file.



  1. You will only be given ONE attempt to submit your assignment via Turnitin.




Good luck with your assignment and should you have any further queries, please contact your respective tutor or myself.



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