Activist in Women Justice

Assignment Requirements


Please check for plagiarism because that will expel me form the university.

Students are asked to profile an activist (individual) or activist organization (group, collective) currently working towards gender justice. The chosen activist or activist organization could be specifically promoting gender equality OR working towards gender justice as it concerns: environmental justice, political participation, reproductive justice, human rights, poverty, globalization, working conditions, etc.
In a 1500 word essay, students are asked to address the following:
-who is the activist or activist organization you have chosen?
-what kind of gender justice are they promoting?
-what is/are the issues/challenges this activist or activist organization has identified? (provide a brief background)
-what is the goal or mission statement of the activist or activist organization?
-in what ways has she/he.they been successful?
-what are the challenges she/he/they face?
-why is her/his/their work important? (I want to know what YOU think here)
-what are the goals for the future?

Papers are to be written in full, complete sentences, making use of proper grammar, sentence structure and citations. No point form papers will be accepted.
You may choose to write in standard essay format OR you may use headings for each of the above questions. As long as you answer each of the above questions in your paper, the format is flexible.
For this paper you will need to conduct research beyond class materials. While there is no minimum or maximum number of references required, it is suggested that you consult between 2 and 4 outside sources.


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