Activities in a public place

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Observe the activities at a public place for two hours, at a time where there’s lot of activity. Avoid schools, hospitals, anything on a military base, or any other restricted place. Take some notes about what is happening: What does this place look like? How is it organized spatially? Who comes here? What do they do? How do people interact with each other? What kind of conversations go on? Are there any subgroups? How do people handle unexpected or upsetting situations? Write a narrative summary of your notes describing what you experienced. Then, explain how each of the three sociological perspectives (structural-functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and social conflict) would analyze what you say. The description of your observation should represent about 50% of paper and analysis another 50%, divided evenly between the three perspectives. At the end of paper, discuss which perspective you think is the best suited to analyze your observation and why you think so.