Alcoholisms’ effect on family

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Write a three page double spaced research proposal. The research proposal is in a multi-page report that provides background information, your argument, review of the literature and conclusions you hope to prove. The research proposal should be written in MLA (Modern LanguageAssociation) format and must include a variety of sources that you havealready discovered or are presently working on. A Works Cited page is also required listing at least four sources. Answer these questions when writing the research proposal: What is your thesis statement? Is your argument clear? Have you properly paraphrased information and avoided plagiarizing material? Do you have evidence that is clearly connected to your claim? Did you check your data and quotations against your notes? Is it accurate? The purpose of your research proposal is to argue and question the general attitudes about a topic and affirm theories, advance a solution or recommend a course of action. You are surveying the sources that