Analyzing cost reductions at Dell

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Case Study: ATC 5-1; Analyzing cost reductions at Dell: Please number and answer each question with at least 250 words. 1-Other than the obvious reduction in salary and wages expenses, identify some costs savings Dell might realize by reducing its workforce by 10 percent. 2-Assume some of the workers being terminated are assembly employees and that they are being replaced by new robotic assembly machines. Explain how this might affect Dell’s unit-level, batch-level and facility-level costs. 3- As the CFO responsible for recommending the proposed changes, explain which financial reports include relevant or irrelevant information in making your decisions. Reference for uploaded file Edmonds, T., Olds, P., & Tsay, B. (2008). Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts (5th ed.). McGraw-Hill/Irwin