Annotated Bibliography Mythology

Assignment Requirements


Project 2: Annotated Bibliography on Theorists
Your project is an Annotated Bibliography of resources on the myth-related theories of ONE of the following theorists:
Robert Graves
James Frazer
Bronislaw Malinowski
Mircea Eliade
Northrop Frye
Carl Jung
Claude Levi-Strauss

You must provide a minimum of seven (7) references altogether.
At least two must be articles in scholarly journals
Two must be Web sites with substantive material (not Wikipedia).

Your annotation for each item should be sufficient to convince me that you have actually read the item, and should be designed to help another member of our class to decide whether this article would be a good resource.
Keep in mind while you’re working on this assignment that the areas I am looking at for grading purposes include:
• That you have 7 citations that meet the minimum requirements listed above

• That you have one consistent format for your citations (either APA or MLA) and that your citations are correctly formatted in the citation style that you’ve chosen

• That your annotations are sufficient in terms of content and direction


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