Any Topic On Education

Assignment Requirements


research paper for research and communications skills, 4 pages without references page, 1 inch margins, any topic on education for APA style
thesis statement, 5 main ideas, 1 summary, 1 paraphrase, 1 block quote, 2 short quotes, a thesis sentences and closing statements in every body paragraph, and a copy only of the used online pages which are from:1 ebook, 1 article from an online journal, and the last any reliable internet source of your choice).

this is the rubric:
i. Quality of Writing:
1- Organization and Unity (introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, topic sentences, conclusion
2- Content (adequate supporting details, proper summary and paraphrase, balance of content and quotation)
3- Language mechanics, sentence skills, spelling and vocabulary
ii. APA style :
1- Title page and running head
2- Font type and size
3- Indenting and spacing
4- Pagination
5- Citation errors ( including but not limited to proper APA punctuation, use of et al., use of square brackets, etc.)
iii. References:
APA Reference page (e.g. format, alphabetical order, capitalization, punctuation, italicization, sequence)


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