Are people from African American/Black ethnic backgrounds given less opportunities in the current job market of the United States?

Assignment Requirements


Remember Sociologists use a number of different methods or research designs to gather data. These include surveys, participant observation, secondary analysis, document reviews, unobtrusive measures and experiments.

Additionally, there are ethical considerations that are a fundamental concern: these include honesty, truth, openness, and protecting subjects from harm. Another concern is that social research should be value free.
And keep in mind sociologists stress replication, the repetition of a study by others to compare results. Values present a second dilemma in that research is conducted to solely analyze basic sociology or is it to reform social arrangements?

This document should reflect all the process of your study including your research and findings. Remember to include any literature you utilized in both footnoting and bibliography.

Learning Objective
Concept mastery
Students will demonstrate a mastery of the eight steps of research

20 points

Application of sociological concepts including ethics
Students will apply sociological concepts presented in chapter 8 in explaining the sociological perspective of including this reading
20 points

Literature review
Students will research and review appropriate literature to utilize in this paper. There should be at least three sources and a bibliography should be included.

20 points
Answer the question
Students will answer the question posed in the assignment.

10 points
Students will present a well thought out conclusion presenting their ideas with support from the concepts presented in the text.

20 points
Student will present a well written paper with attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation and overall presentation


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