Asylum Seekers in Australia

Assignment Requirements


I have obtained a powerpoint from the social worker Sherrine Clark which has all the information for the case study.

I will upload all the documents which has all the information in them in more detail. the website for the centre i visited is

This requires to talk about what is going right and what isn’t working out – so the asylum seekers waiting for their visa and having limited or no rights to work, study or health and long period of wait is the negative- — positive things are the catering service, fundraising and volunteer programs

please message me or email me if you want to clarify anything further.

HSW101 Summative assessment task 3

Assignment: assignment details


This assignment will require you to visit an agency that employs social workers and discuss with them the work of social workers within the agency. If the agency has more than one program, you should focus on one program only.



Your assignment should include discussion under the five broad topic areas outlined below. The specific questions within each topic area should guide the scope of material you should cover within the broader topic, rather than be a set of questions and answers. It is suggested that you use headings to divide the material into the five sections outlined.


Introduction and history of the agency/ program (approx 400 words)

What is the agency you visited? When was it established? What was the identified need at the time? What was the social policy context?


Description of the agency/ program (approx 400 words)

What are the aims and objectives? What strategies (or methods of practice) are used? What are the theoretical underpinnings of the program? What is the rationale for delivering services in this way?


Social workers (approx 400 words)

What is the role of social workers in this agency/ program? What do social workers actually do? What are the issues and dilemmas for social workers working in this agency? What ethical issues arise in this work?


Clients (approx 300 words)

Who are the clients? By what term are ‘clients’ known? How are clients perceived or envisaged (philosophy of clients)? How do people become clients (i.e. method of assessment)?


Your own critical perspective (approx 1000 words)

What is your critique of this program? To what extent do you believe the program is effectively meeting its objectives? Are these appropriate aims and objectives? Does the program effectively address issues of discrimination and inequalities? What aspects do you consider to be going well and why? Are there aspects of the program that you believe could be run differently and if so, why?


This assignment will require you to integrate theoretical learning from almost all topics you have studied in this unit with information you gain from your visit. You should reference the material you are presenting, even that which is descriptive and give all the details of all sources referred to in your assignment in a reference list.


Your reference list should be formatted in the Harvard style ( The reference list is not included in your word count.


You will also need to do your own reading and research to supplement references suggested to you on your visit.


It would normally be expected that you use at least 4-6 references in this assignment. Your textbook and the weekly readings are a good place to start, as are the social workers you meet in the agency, but you should also use the library to find some additional references – books and/or articles and not rely solely on search engines such as Google for reference material.


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