Blender Wars

Assignment Requirements


Choose either Blendtec or Vitamix brand — the top tier Consumer (not professional) series blender and in 1 page articulate (as compared to the competitor brand — the other one that you didn’t pick)

– What is the key value proposition of the product?

– What are the unique selling points and key points differentiation?

– What is the competitive advantage of your particular blender?

– What problem does your product solve better than the competitor product?

– Why should a consumer pick your product vs. the competitor in a head-to-head competition?

– What do you believe are the most important marketing aspects of marketing this product?

– What are the weaknesses of your product as compared to the competetor? How do you fight that weakness ?

Prepare this as a memo summarizing your key points as the product manager for the head of marketing of your firm You may use other media to illustrate your points (links to videos and other information).


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