BPM and Global Competitiveness

Kaplan University School of Business
MT 400
Unit 10 Assignment
Unit 10 Assignment Rubric
Unit 10 Assignment: BPM and Global Competitiveness
For this Assignment, respond using the critical elements below:
Critical Elements:
● Write your original response in Standard English, paying special attention to grammar, style, and mechanics.
● Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of both the expected benefits and the risks/issues.
● Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly stated.
● Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another.
● Your paper should be highly organized, logical, and focused.
In this Assignment, you will analyze Case 1 from the chapter and respond to questions related to the role of BPM in global competitiveness.
Case 1: GACC
Case 1 describes a global automotive component company. There were issues that limited the company’s ability to be more competitive in the global marketplace, and they were able to address these through a BPM project.
1. What were the issues they were trying to improve? What were the expected benefits from BPM to help them become more competitive globally?
2. What were some of the risks that could result in the failure of this project?
3. Which of the phases you have learned do you think would be most critical in ensuring success in this project? Why? Describe some of the steps in the phase you selected and explain how those steps would mitigate the potential risks for failure.
Directions for Submitting Your Project
Compose your Assignment as a Microsoft Word document and save it as Username-MT400- Assignment-Unit#.docx (Example: TAllen-MT400 Assignment-Unit 10.docx). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 10: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 10.
Kaplan University School of Business
MT 400
Unit 10 Assignment
Grading note: In the grading rubric below, you will see a section on analysis and critical thinking. The points in this section will partly be based on your ability to apply the concepts discussed in your Assignment to the specific circumstances and details of the process/organization you selected. Writing in general terms without applying the concepts and analyzing your specific project may get you points for content section, but you will lose points in the analysis section.
Review the grading rubric below before beginning this Activity.
Assignment grading rubric = 60 points
Unit 10 Assignment: BPM and Global Competitiveness
Content, Focus, Use of Text, and Research
Points Possible
Points Earned
Described a benefit that can be expected from a BPM project to increase global competitiveness
Identified two risks for large scale BPM implementations
Recommended measures to mitigate the above risks
Analysis and Critical Thinking
Responses demonstrated critical thinking and analysis and exhibited application of information.
Spelling, Grammar, APA Format
Clear business writing; spelling and grammar acceptable; effective use of APA; followed the required format and instructions