Business Ethics in Food-related Industries

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Ethics deals with the concepts of right and wrong, as well as the concept of fairness. Although practically everything shown in this movie is 100% legal, your assignment for this application is to identify two different ethical situations. After identifying these situations and briefly summarizing them, in a minimum of a three page response to the film, discuss the following:

Main Attributes of Your Response

  1. Two ethical dilemmas you’ve selected from the film.
  2. Why you chose those particular situations as examples of ethical dilemmas.
  3. For each situation, whether or not you feel that the current system as shown in the movie is the best one for the parties involved, and if not, how you would change it to deter or minimize ethical issues. As it currently stands, who is being harmed in this situation? Who would benefit from the changes you propose? Who would be disadvantaged as a result?
  4. The organizational and cultural elements that you think have led to an ethical issue in these cases. Does this situation result from the actions of individual people or a larger entity? Is there a direct conflict between individuals and organizations in this situation? Would new policies or procedures deter this type of unethical behavior or would something else have to change?
  5. Finally, what is one thing you learned as a result of watching this film?

The film itself will provide a broad background for your understanding of these issues; however, the most compelling responses will go beyond the film to incorporate additional recent data sources to justify your reasoning and logic. Include relevant citations to the additional data sources outside of the film that are necessary to make your points.