Calculation And Analysis

Assignment Requirements

This is an calculation and analysis about a survey. The topic is about “Whether students prefer Starbucks or Stumptown Coffee in Seattle University”.
Sample Size n=30
You just need to do the follow two questions:
1. At least one x^2-test must be calculated, showing the work, in an Appendix, tesing the association of two variables, based on an hypothesis. Using a confidence level of 95%.
2. At least three other crosstabs should be done to explore for relationships. You don’t have to show the calculations for these. (X^2-test can be done in–crosstabs). Write one short paragraph analysis based on the results.
Our survey report link:
Pass= minkster7​
Log in to get data and reports you need.
You also can use it to create X^2-test or anything else, just don’t edit the survey.
Click my surveys, choose “coffee preference” on May 27.


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