Case Study 1 In The Paper

Assignment Requirements


1) Prepare one (ONLY) double-sided, word-processed Reference page containing up to ten (10) direct quotations from 5 refrences ( I WILL SEND TO YOU SOME REFRENCES IF YOU USE OTHER REFRENCES PLEASE SEND TO ME COPIES OF PAGES WHERE YOU WRITE QUOTATIONS), NOT paraphrase, from a good range of reliable texts. At least four of these quotations must be sourced from texts
Each quotation must be one complete sentence, followed by a citation. A Reference List (APA system) must also be included on the back of the page. You will use these quotations to support your examination response.
The Reference page must follow the format of the Model Reference Page
2) At the examination, respond to your chosen question by writing a case study as a correctly structured academic essay of approximately 1000-1200 words in which you apply your knowledge of communication theory and your analytical problem solving skills. Provide academic support to your response by incorporating your prepared quotations as either quotations OR paraphrase. Accurate referencing is required (APA).


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