Case Study Analytical Report

Assignment Requirements


The objectives of this assignment are for students to:
demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the literature on the contribution of food, wine, festival tourism to the development, marketing and management of destinations
demonstrate critical and analytical skills
communicate effectively, and
demonstrate research skills and correct referencing skills.

Case Study Analytical Report Topic:

Understanding the impacts of food/wine festivals

Students will select 1 key issue from the lecture notes and Study Guide of topics 8, 9, 10,
11 and 12 (5 issues in total) and discuss these issues as they apply to food/wine festivals.

Students will use examples of food/wine festival/s from anywhere in the world, as case studies, and describe the key impacts as it relates to the festival/s. Students need to summarise the literature (using references presented in the lecture notes and Study Guide) in regard to different types of tourism impacts, give examples and critically analyse key strategies used in festival examples for achieving the outcomes.

Students are required to evaluate how the example (i.e. food/wine festivals) was successful or failed in achieving its impacts/goals. Students can make recommendations for future improvement of the festival.

Students may use one food/wine festival as the example for all of the impacts or they may use several examples, i.e. use a different festival for each issue or use the same festival for all 5 issues.

The festivals used as examples must be based on food/wine festivals around the world – however students can use a cultural festival (with a food/wine emphasis) as an example of Issue 1 from Topic 8 ; all other Topics must use a food/wine festival.

Students must read the literature associated with topics 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 and actively use it in discussing the issues.

Tutorial activities are a part of this assignment – 10% of this assignment has been allocated to students demonstrating that they have incorporated the tutorial activities into their learning. All students must include, in their Appendix, at least the poster presented in tutorials in week 12 or 13.

Students may find these websites on poster presentations useful:

Format of Assignment 3:

This assignment is an analytical report which must use the following format:

Title page (do not use an assignment cover sheet)- student’s full name, tutor’s
name, course, assignment title, date
Table of contents with page numbers

Introduction – very brief introduction to the assignment (1 or 2 sentences)

o Impact 1 from topic 8 (Ritual-oriented festival tourism: Cultural impacts) – 500 words
(Note: You need to focus on the cultural impacts of ritual-oriented festivals for this topic)
o Impact 2 from topic 9 (Community involvement: Social impacts ) – 500 words
o Impact 3 from topic 10 (Destination marketing: Economic impacts) – 500 words
o Impact 4 from topic 11 (Industry Involvement: Economic impacts) – 500 words
o Impact 5 from topic 12 (Sustainability of food, wine, and festival tourism: Environmental and political impacts) – 500 words

Conclusion – a brief summary of the most significant points from your analysis

References – a list of all material directly referred to in the report, at least 12 references (must include 6 refereed journal articles)


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