Case Study: Vodafone: Developing a total communication strategy in the UK Market

Based on the case study and assignment structure, the introduction(1.0) and the external analysis(2.0) is done. Now i need the internal analysis (3.0) which is 25 marks. This includes how i approach the analyisis , why this is a valid approach, justify the tools,summary of the findings(value chain analysis) and implication. There can also be diagrams to explain the case study. Next is the SWOT(4.0) which is 15 marks, This includes explanation of SWOT and a diagram based on the overall summary if swot analysis. The next part is the conclusion(5.0) which is 10 marks. Based on SWOT,discuss possible options/ strategic options under corporate level, Business Unit and functional level. there can be recommendations in here.Please refer to the Assignment structure and case study.Also take note: some references should include books or articles from the year 2010-14 if possible.Other years are okay to but would prefer to also include latest ones.