” catfish”- Essay

Prompt:Choose a moment, scene, expert or quote from the movie catfish that you believe represent and interesting idea about “truth and communication” . Illustrate how the quote or scene conveys an insight about truth and communication through explanation from experience. ( be sure that the reader understands all that you reference be specific))
1- Include interesting lead
2- provide a clear thesis that makes an insight the texts link to truth and communication and guide the paper smoothly
3-build connected points of analysis that are textured and balanced between text and support
4- craft smooth and varied transitions and bridges.
5-present a refllective conclusion that encourages new inquiry and discovery.
6- take on writing issues that you’ve challenge to address

In the documentary “ catfish” a young man “Nev” was filmed as he builds a romantic relationship with a young women “Megan”(or a woman “Angela” who faked her identity to Megan) on the social network. The movie ” catfish” got it’s name from the scene were Vince, who is Anglia’s husband, where he said that catfishes kept others active and alive. That scene illustrates how Angela through the new communication (social network) kept Nev a live. She kept him thinking of her ( or the faked person who she created). That sceneillustorates how new communtication which her case was social network affected modern societies it has made he meaning of stealing idnties and charecterising or steorotyping much easier than it was before and creating stereotypes and much easier that it was back then. Since accessing new communication is much easier than it was before, and manipulating it and the chances that you will get in trouble is less than faking an id and maybe you will not get sewed for it.
Now through the Internet you can be any one you want. For instance, Angela who is a miserable person, a mother, and old person. Created this character who is a charming beautiful young lady. Megan exists in the real life however she held different name and personality. What Angila did is creating a person that she wanted to be and that person looked like Megan and the characteristic of the person that Angila always wanted to be. She had Megan as you women who enjoyed life and how social and had a lot of talent. Nev felt in love with the characteristic that Angila created for Megan and Megan looks. And that was all lies because Megan with those characteristic did not exist. And that is how Social network made it easier to built a relationship whith are full of lies since we don’t know who is the person in real life. And there is no law that will put Angela to jail for what she did. Because she stall Megan picture and idintety to build a relationship with Nev.
However, lets say the same thing happened without social network. Let say a person stall someone’s passport or ID not for political reasons or for crime reasons just because that the person who is holding this ID had a legacy and the person who stool that an ID came from anonymous family and want to build a relationship with a women held legacy in the country. Well the government saw for what he has done. Well yes even though this guy had no intention to hurt someone but his intention to have a relationship with a girl. Likewise Angela wanted to have a relationship with Nev. However, in this guy case he will be sawed, as criminal and his reputation will be harmed. And that how why identity theft became easier these days because there are no strict rules to stop it. However, without the existence of social network id theft would still called a crime no matter what was the intuition of the thief. With appearance of social network there is mercy on people steal others ids.
And manipulating others people identity is not just through Internet and social network but it is also through TV channels and how TV invaded an individual brain. However, in this case it is not called id theft but it is called creating stereotyping, which I beilve is a branch of id theaft. For instance, after the incidence of 9/11 Muslims were stereo typed as being terrorist and terrorism was and is still a term, which is linked to Islam. However, if people communicated Muslims as in individuals will understand that Islam has nothing to do with killing. In fact, the term Islam means (peace). And killing one another is not allowed in Islam not just killing a Muslim but killing a Jew, Christian etc. When the 9/11 happened most audience of the media happened to be against Islam. In fact, people did not have time to communicate with individual Muslims and they went against them. For instance, through the 9/11 era by cousins who were in high school were bullied and been called terrorists, killers etc. However, one day the counselor in the school gathered all students and through talking and presenting Islam aspects. People who were against Islam came to the understanding that all of us have the same blood color. And that how TV conveyed the truth about Islam. In fact TV did not just create stereotype to Islam but two Jews as being cheap to blacks or Mexicans as being hobos.
Additionally, back then stereotyping were crated but not from media but through art such as theater. For instance back then when the US were non civilized country and they were anti- blacks. The stereotype that blacks were dirty, thieves and dump was created from a character, which was called Jim Crow this character, was involved in theaters that tend to be comedy so the Jim Crow character was a black guy acted as being dumb and stopped black guy. In fact, after this character the Jim Crow laws were created to oppress and segregate African Americans. That how people used create stereotype in the past. However, people who were Anti- black never had to know what is the black hood is about since they have fundamentals and basic education about it.
In the two examples about stereo typing the law will not saw who created them in fact they will support the creator of the stereotype because in some way they will benefit the governments and they will protect their reputation. However what if the stereotype was created against a political party or will the law saw the person who talke about them and created a bad reputation for them. Will as known the answer is no. For instance , Donald trump said a rumor about president Obama that he was not born in the US did Obama sew him, well no because the US is known to be as civilized country. But in some cases the answer is yes .yet I don’t know what example to give.
Also stereotypeswere created through poetries. For instance, in the era of Ignorance (the era prior the revelation Quran to prophet Mohammed) there was famous poetries who wrote poetry about specific people such as famous trips, people who owned business and would benefit him. He wrote a flattering poetry for who served him and got him money. For instance, whenQuraish, which were one of the famous trips back then gave that poetries the position to serve their master with his poetry and attend poetry competition in the name of the tripe. Not until one day the tripe knew that this poetries was exposing their private stories to their enemy tripe, for this fact they decide to kick him of . And when they did he wrote this famous poetry about Quraish family that they were stingy and treated their servant badly. However, all of these facts were lies and rumors since the Quaraish family were known with their generosity and there good treatment with other people. However, after this poetry people did not apply for jobs to this tripe and no body bought any thing form them. Not until the tripe wanted to prove that this poetries was a liar so they threatened him with death if he did not tell the truth for that fact in one of the trips gatheringthe poetries came and apologized to the Quraish tripe. But Quarish did not want to jeopardize their reputation so they killed that poetries.
And through this new source of communication people can affect people with what they belive. No matter how old are they what ethinic group the came from. And I put this under the idintytheaftcatogry is because when people go through the internet and want to affect people with their speech they beilve that they are that this resposiblity however this society is the resoposiblity of the governers. In this era a lot of revoutions has been going out in the middle east. And the couse of these revoulution is a guy in the Face book who created a group called all of us (Abdulla) who was kidnaped by a police man this guy created around a group of young people to rally around against the governt he identified that he was the leader of the group and he is going to make a change in the country . And this revoultin and every revoulting is succefful because social network had indtified that this young person is a leader for his writings affective writing in this Facaebook group,,
However, lets say that this person was early in the 40s when social network did not exist and went beside the governor house. Will it be as affective and will anyone follow him no. because every one will be busy in their own life and will have no time stop for a young selly man whos saying affective words. However through social people will read groups and accesse them and will have the time to read these affective speechs. And that happens every day in our daily lifs we see those who are belive in jesus in example and write in their boards and say why they beilve in him. Howver, minority will a stop for these people because we are all busy in our lifesindiviuals sometimes tend to read not listen to words but capure them with their own eyes.
In conculusion, new communication has redfinedthe meaning of idintytheaft. and has made it easier for people. Trough new communication yu can be what ever you dreamt to be or wanted to be, which back then was hard and not possioble because you are going to get sewed for commiting a crime. Addtionally, envading people minds and making them think what media wants them to think is much easier than it was before because it is undiracte. And people can creat rumors about their goverments with the recgoniton because population has increased. Also, people can be more affective thorough social network because people will inditify them accoridding to what they write not in what they look like. That is how new communication affected modern sociaties.


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