Charter School Polity of the State Government

Assignment Requirements


Follow the request in the attached file

Request for the essay:


üFocus on the State government policy about the topic in Education, for example if you choose “charter school education in US” , focus on what the state government policy.


üOutline ( have to follow the outline) :


  1. What is the issue?



  1. What is the background (history) of the issue?



  1. What is the problem?




  1. Main part and Core of the essay:   What are the solutions of State Government , and what are the effects of thesesolutions? What are the trade offs of each solution ? Focus on What is the state government legislation? What are the effects of those acts?



  1. Core of the essay too: What are some potential state Government policy recommendations regarding this issue?


  1. Please note: Each policy decision /position creates a set of tradeoffs. For each of these, there are multiple frameworks that each decision can be viewed from. While crafting your briefing paper, take care to include these tradeoffs in your analysis.



ü5-7 pages long, double-spaced,

üAPA style


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