Assignment Requirements


1. This assignment asks you to address my Company.

2. Avoid passive voice, avoid first person, and check both grammar and spelling. Include title page, reference page, and appendices.

3. Wikipedia is not a credible reference; do not use it.

4. Neither my textbook nor Gardiner (1925) are included in the required 3 sources.

5. Here’s what you should do:
a. Explain how communication occurs in your organization. This should include upward, downward, and lateral communications.
b. What is your organization’s official policy on communication?
c. What really occurs?
d. How does the leadership at the top see the importance of organizational communication, and why?
e. What are the organizational leader’s thoughts on inclusion of employees in decision making?
f. Explain the leadership philosophy of the organizational leader, and from where this philosophy developed.

6. As an appendix, include the following:
a. an example of a downward communication explaining the institution of merit-based pay for employees.
b. an example of a downward communication explaining the need for an immediate reduction in force.

7. These should be professional business memoranda, and should include your organization’s logo.

My Company
1.) Name of Company: Davis’ Family Grill & Chill, BBQ Grilling Service
2.) Number of employees: 15 Employees
3.) Authority Structure: Decentralized
4.) See Organizational Chart
5.) Geographic Location: Gainesville, Florida
6.) A strength: High demand of product
7.) A weakness: Heavy Competition
8.) Company logo: A Pig wearing an apron cooking a pig on a grill (see picture)
9.) Advertising Catchphrase: “You kill it, we grill it”
10.) Company is classified according to the North American Industry Classification System 2007 Code: 722513 Mobile Food Services Industry- Selling food Specialties

Book: PSY-338-DL01 Industrial & Org Psychology PSY-338-DL01
• Author(s)Aamodt, Michael G.
• Edition/Copyright7TH 13
• PublisherWadsworth, Inc
• ISBN-101-111-83997-2
• ISBN-13978-1-111-83997-0


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