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the assignment is to write a communication plan about the Arab Development Initiative (ADI) you have ti check their website to have information
it should be 8 pages
Please follow the steps from the slides I will upload, and I will upload the paper that I wrote too
Please it is very important to have good evidence and logic and to mention why that person …

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Arab Development Initiative – Press Release


Fadi Nino

ID: 9472509


Professor: Andre Durocher



Assignment 2

Arab Development Initiative (ADI)

It’s youth driven initiative that emphases on development in the Arab World.

Montreal, Canada – May 13,2014 – The ADI’s mission is to encourage highly skilled and educated youth to direct their efforts towards development in the region. It will act as an intermediary between youth and organization working on development projects in the Arab World.

The ADI is a non-profit organization. They are excited to launch their third summit from May 16-18, 2014 at the Centre Mont Royal in Montreal, Canada. “The theme for Envision Arabia Summit 2014 revolves around the notion that development starts from within, and with this philosophy in mind” concludes AlWer- co director. The envision Arabia 2014, the third annual summit for ADI, will bring together youth from all over the world for a weekend of inspirational talks and networking.
This year, over 400 participants are expected to attend the event bringing their knowledge, experience in a platform that will provide tools and channels to tackle the issue at the care of development in the Arab World, with a focus on the youth population. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” says co-founder of ADI.


Arab development Initiative ( is a non-affiliated with any political or ideology. It relies solely on sponsorship and donation. They need greater development by creating effort in the Arab World.

A press release will be continued, as regular reports will be issued during the next week.

Ambassador of ADI contact:

Fadi Nino


[email protected]


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